If you can set aside an hour each day to follow the Crypto Profit Kit trading method, then you too can benefit from…

The simplest way to make 6-7 figures every single week trading from home….Without being an expert analyst, without being a gifted trader, or solving any special problems.

Right now as you read this, there are thousands of people who are making money off the cryptocurrency market

and they are doing this without being veteran traders or offering any service…

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Just like….

Muhammad who made $1200 (N896,000) in just one day

or like this guy here who made $1200 in profit from a weekend trade.

Or like Laura who made N2.5 million in just 2 weeks from this and calls this method the MONEY MAKING MACHINE

Or like Dapo who was able to turn his $150 to $600 in his first week. 

Dapo’s testimonial


How To Become An Insanely Profitable trader With Discipline… Even If You Are Just A Complete Newbie

who has never traded before nor heard about the cryptocurrency market

With these simple trading secrets at your fingertips

You’ll be in absolute control of your earning power, taking trades that put lots of dollars in your pocket no matter how bad the Nigerian economy gets.

You don’t need to be a trading expert to make a consistent 6-7 figures every month as a crypto trader……..You just need to know how it really works and that’s what I will be showing you shortly.

To make it work…

But you do need to know how to achieve your desired level of personal Income, using this HIGH-INCOME BUSINESS MODEL that…….

Puts you in complete control of your earnings……

This is where I can help

In the crypto profit kit, I will be introducing to you shortly…. you’ll learn of an Insanely profitable world that most people never realize exists.

And by the time I realized it myself, it took me from being just a broke boy who was carrying bags of pure water and working in a bet Naija shop to earning multiple millions monthly

In just 3 years!

By the time you are done with just a few of the lesson materials you’ll be in a solid position to

Unleash The Money Generating Powers Hidden In These Fingers Of Yours …..And Never Again Have To Worry About Your Financial Future

But before we go further, let me introduce myself

My name is Jackto Precious, I am a top crypto enthusiast, an 8-figure crypto trader (in naira), and a mentor to over 5000 successful students.

Through crypto trading, I have been able to completely change and turn around my life and that of most of my students.


But it wasn’t always like this.


About 8 years ago I was just a university graduate with no job, no food, and no one to help me. I used to work in a bet Naija shop and carry bags of pure water to make ends meet.


Sometimes I had to beg my guys for money to feed. That’s how bad things were for me.

me 8 years ago

But it all began to change when I learnt that you could make money online.

That was the game changer

I first started with affiliate marketing. Which gave me my first million

Then in 2020 during the covid lockdown, I witnessed a friend turn 1 million naira into 40+ million in just 6 months with one single trade.

I was mindblown!


I also witness another friend turn $20 to $12,000

this was all that convinced me. I saw the massive wealth of opportunities that lie in crypto trading.


This was exactly the kind of money I wanted to make and it got me really interested in crypto trading.


I decided to start immediately…. got some funds in and invested and I lost everything.


I kept losing until I learnt how to TRADE THE RIGHT WAY and this right way is how the most profitable traders in the world trade and I will be revealing it to you shortly

Now I am able to live my dream life, afford everything I want

Me viewing the Burj Khalifa in dubai

Video of me touring the world and living my best life

I’ve been able to relocate to Dubai (the global hub of crypto traders)

Travel the world

Earning multiple millions monthly

and help thousands of people.

The best part about all of this is that…

Trading The Crypto Market has changed not just my life but that of my students too

Just like Chris

or Joy

I believe that it can change yours too.

But first…

You need to understand cryptocurrency trading and what makes it so lucrative.

What is Cryptocurrency TRADING How DOES IT WORK

Cryptocurrency is simply a digital currency that exists without regulation and uses blockchain to operate. what this means is that no bank or regulatory body controls your money.

This also means there are no limits or excessive fees added to your money.

Trading is simply the exchange of goods and services.


Cryptocurrency trading is simply the buying and selling of digital currencies online…

Now that you know that you might also be wondering…

How Do I Make Money Trading Crypto?

By buying low and selling high


By Selling High and Buying low

Let me explain…

Let’s say you buy a coin when it’s worth $1 and sold it when it was worth $100. If you bought $10 worth of that coin that means you’ve made $1000 in profits.

You see how easy it is to make money trading?

But not all coins will do 100x so let’s be realistic.

This also works Vice Versa

If you sell a coin when it’s worth $70 and it went all the way down to $20, that means for each coin you’ve made $50 profit.

But here’s the thing.

Not every coin will make these types of movements and even those who do, you might not be privy to know when or how it’s going to happen.

This begs the question…

How Do I Know When A Coin Is Going Up Or Down?

This is Where Technical and Fundamental Analysis comes in, they allow you to know which coins are buying (going up) or Selling (going down) and let you know where to enter the trade.

But that’s not all….. in the CRYPTO PROFIT KIT

I will be revealing to you certain tips, tricks, and strategies that Super Profitable Millionaire traders use to dominate the market and take extremely profitable trades.

These tips and tricks are what separate the top 20% of traders from the rest

Just like it has helped…

Helen make $600 (N448,000) off one trade

All she had to was click a buy/sell button

or helped John fulfill his aviation dream of becoming a pilot.

John’s testimonial

Or Engr Ebuka Ude who has done over 300% in profit and can confidently pick up trades and analyze them. 

And Now It’s Your Turn…

The best part?

You won’t even have to do half as much work as my previous students did to become massively profitable.

If you can read, understand and click a BUY or Sell Button on your phone/laptop screen. Then you too can use this same business model to make a minimum of N700k monthly consistently.

Just imagine how quickly you can speed your way up the ladder of success because you have access to Exclusive Trading Secrets, which most people aren’t privy to.

If I had what I’m about to put in your hands when I first started out, my financial liberation would have happened way earlier

But you don’t have to spend as long as I did trying to figure out how to make “serious” money trading the crypto market.

You can instead shortcut your own path to becoming a profitable trader by letting me share my hard-won secrets with you.

While everyone else struggles,

You’ll be on a FastTrack to….

Making a solid 6-7 figures Income every month doing way less work than most people on earth right now.

I’ve compiled everything I’ve learned about becoming a super profitable trader into the Crypto Profit Kit

It is designed to be the simplest, fastest, and most effective way to teach you how to become an insanely profitable crypto trader even if you are just starting out.

To help you decide if this is for you (which I believe it is)

Here’s what you get when you invest in getting the Crypto Profit Kit today

Section #1


This section is designed to help you simplify and understand everything in the crypto market as a beginner.

It will also help you redefine how you should see the crypto market to make the easiest profits out of it without stress

Inside you’ll learn

By the time you are done with just this introduction module alone

You’ll have more knowledge than 90% of people on how to protect and grow your money.

Strategies like these are why Isco Gorica has been able to turn $200 to $4000 in just 3 week

Moving forward…

In Section 2 you’ll be learning

How To Take Money-Generating Trades Using Fundamental Analysis

In this module, you’ll be introduced to fundamental analysis

  • How it works,
  • Why it works
  • and how you can make a lot of money using it to trade

    You’ll also gain access to certain secret tools and websites that are not public knowledge to most traders to make your analysis easier and more accurate

What this means is that you won’t have to stress to find profitable trades to take and can grow your income faster.

But that’s not all


Section 3

You’ll be learning

How To Use Technical Analysis To Enter Profitable Trades

Inside this section, you’ll be learning the exclusive secret that most traders use to analyze the market and harvest profits from it.

You’ll also be learning how you can use this too for yourself

Because Inside you’ll learn things like

  • Introduction to technical analysis and why it’s important
  • How to use candle sticks
  • How to use various indicators
  • Support and resistance zones
  • The Macd trading strategy
  • The RSI Trading strategy
  • etc

but that’s not all.

In this same section, you’ll get a full masterclass on RISK MANAGEMENT

How to apply it so you never lose your capital and still explosively grow your profits.


With just these 3 sections alone you’ll be able to consistently generate 6-7 figures from the crypto market every single month.

By now you are beginning to get a clear picture that your dreams of becoming an insanely profitable trader are about to come true.


But that’s not all

I want to make your success as a profitable crypto trader Failproof and really simple for you

which is why when you get into the Crypto Profit Kit you get access to these exclusive bonuses.

Life Time Access To The Support Group

Trading is easy but it becomes easier when you have access to like-minded profitable traders like you with whom you can collaborate and share your victories and losses with

Exclusive Guide: How To Spot Shitcoins that can do 100x

I believe you must have heard the rumors of how crypto can turn you into an overnight millionaire (they are true)…one of the most effective ways to achieve this is via trading shitcoins.

Imagine putting $50 on a coin that does 100 times its price.

That $50 is now $5000! (basically from 30k+naira to #3.7mil)

In this exclusive guide, I will teach you the criteria for spotting such coins and trading them.

Trading shitcoins with dex
In this bonus, you’ll learn how to buy and sell shitcoins easily using decentralized exchanges.
Exclusive map: How to use shitcoin trading to flip your money fast
You’ll learn how to 10x, 50x and 100x your investment capital by trading shitcoins. This map will give you
1 year Free Access to signal channel

This bonus alone is worth over $1000. because you’ll be getting high-quality trades for free. Imagine how much more you can earn when you combine the knowledge gotten from the Crypto Profit Kit and the high-quality trades

As you can see I’ve added everything you needed for you to easily make your first $3000 (#2.2mil) simply trading cryptocurrencies.

Without you…

  • Being an expert trader
  • Being a born analyst
  • or Relying on luck
  • You do NOT need to be good at maths
  • You do NOT need any previous experience

The only thing needed of you is your desire to follow through with everything I will teach you

Just that….

Nothing more and the results will marvel you

Alright It’s Decision Time

“Make or break” time. The time when the decision you take next will either “make” you happy and rich in a few month’s time, or break you full of regrets when you see others living your dream life

Which do you want?

Are you in or out?

If you want to continue doing what you are doing, I understand.

If however, you see the promise and profit in this and you want to jump on this program, I have made the entry fee really cheap for you.

All you need is just N120,000 and you are in.

Yes for just N329 per day, for a year…

I believe I am basically throwing it away because I have done this same training for N1,000,000 per head before.

And many of those who attended that session are doing well right now.

So yes it is an insane bargain you should run, not walk to take advantage of NOW.

After all this is a fun and rewarding career path that can pay you…

Upwards of $2000 each month,

And upwards of about $2500, $5000 even $10,000 per trade as you grow your capital.

Just like Innocent who grew his portfolio from $100 to almost $10k within a short period of time.

Remember here’s all you’ll be getting.
Introduction to crypto trading (worth N100,000)
How to take money generating trades using fundamental analysis (worth N100,000)

How to use technical analysis to enter profitable trades (worth 100,000)

Risk Management Masterclass (worth N50,000)

Bonus #1: Lifetime Access To Support Group (worth N50,000)

Bonus #2: Exclusive guide: How To Spot Shitcoins that can do 100x (worth N70,000)

Bonus #3: Trading shitcoins with dex (worth N25,000)

Bonus #4: Exclusive map: How to use shitcoin trading to flip your money fast

Bonus #5: 1 year free access to paid signal channel (worth over 400k yearly)

All for a one-time fee of N120,000 only

And you don’t have to pay anything else

You can easily make back your double investment in less than a week with just 1 signal from the paid signal group

Afterall multiple people have done it before

The question is…

Why not you?


Samuel: “Was able to fulfill his dream by making money from the comfort of his home.”

Helen was able to buy a new car through the applied knowledge from the crypto profit kit (CPK).

Bellamy: “Made almost $100 from a single trade as a beginner. “

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know anything about cryptocurrency trading can I take this course?

Ans: Yes you can, the Crypto Profit Kit is designed to be the easiest guide to take a newbie from clueless to profitable in the shortest timeframe possible.

The results you see from other students are also from some newbies.

How Soon Can I Start Making Money After Getting The Course?

Ans: To be honest you can start making money in as little as 1 day or the same week/month.

Trading is instant and this is why usually tell people to avoid the mindset of a get-rich-quick scheme if they want to make the most money in this market.

Just as quickly as you can make money so can you lose it

How Much Is Needed to Trade After Getting The Course

You can start with any amount you are comfortable with but I usually recommend a minimum of $50 if you want to see results fast.

Can I Do This With Just My Phone?

Ans: Yes you can analyze and take profitable trades on your phone.


Eminent Augusta was able to grow one of her portfolios from $20 – $300.

Abraham made double of his registration money within 24hrs. currently lives in Dubai and he pays his bills effortlessly.

800% trading profit.

From total newbie to a pro in crypto trading.

Made over $120 in just one day.



You agree that Trading The Cryptocurrency Market is at your own risk and you understand that Investing in cryptocurrencies is an inherently risky activity, and as such, it is vital that you conduct your own due diligence before buying or selling any cryptocurrency and coming to your own conclusions. Results are not typical.